Join us!

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Our staff is well-versed in working with singers of all backgrounds and experience levels, from professional musicians to those just starting to sing. Using the best choral repertoire from all styles and time periods, our rehearsal process is designed to instill confidence in our singers through powerful teaching methods, culminating in the best possible performance experience for the performers and audience.

WHO is eligible for membership? All adults (age 16 and older).

WHAT is required? A willingness to attend rehearsals and practice at home with rehearsal CDs (provided). Membership is FREE. 

WHEN are rehearsals held? Wednesday evenings from September to December and February to June.

WHAT performances are involved? Semi-annual concerts for the “Music at Greenwood” concert series and occasional performances at other prestigious venues.

HOW do I join the choir or get more information? Email us at to set up an appointment with our friendly staff. They’ll answer your questions and get you up and running with the choir!