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The Greenwood Concert Choir offers an exceptional choral experience to adults of all backgrounds and abilities, culminating in two annual performances of masterful sacred music. Church affiliation is not required to participate, and we do not hold formal auditions. Performances are typically accompanied by ensembles of professional musicians, and include the best sacred choral repertoire of all styles and time periods. Singing in the chorus is an enriching, uplifting spiritual experience, bringing alive the great joy of sacred music and beautiful choral singing.

WHO is eligible for membership? All adults (high school age and older).

WHAT is required? Regular rehearsal attendance and practice at home with rehearsal tracks (provided). Membership is FREE, and church affiliation is not required to participate.

WHEN are rehearsals held? Wednesday evenings from September to December and February to June.

HOW do I join the choir or get more information? Email us at to set up an appointment with our friendly staff. They’ll answer your questions and get you up and running with the choir!